How Can Studying Trade Courses lead to full time work in Australia?

As an international student, it would be your dream to apply for permanent residency in Australia. Most international students take advantage of the various pathways and courses helping them secure full-time work in Australia.

International students studying courses where that occupation is a skill shortage, may upon completing their course or degree, obtain a temporary post-study Work Visa which allows them to work full time for a certain period. However, before applying for temporary or permanent residency in Australia, students need to ensure their educational qualifications and work experiences meet the terms and conditions as specified by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Trade courses for temporary or permanent residence in Australia help students with Australian qualifications to be job-ready. These trade courses include an employment-based skills assessment program that allows students to demonstrate that their skills and knowledge is relevant for the desired occupation in an Australian workplace. The Trade Recognition of Australia (TRA) manages skills assessment services for those with trade skills gained in Australia or overseas for migration purposes. The conditions for successful outcomes must be viewed on the TRA website.

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5 Things You Need To Know When Applying For Job Ready Programs via Trade Courses

When Applying For Job Ready Programs via Trade Courses


1. FulfillEducational Requirements

Before applying for Job Ready Programs via trade courses, you must fulfill the educational requirements i.e., studying a CRICOS Registered Course in Australia for a minimum duration of 2 years. You should confirm that your course of study is registered on the CRICOS register here.


2. Work Experience in the nominated field of study

Before applying for Job Ready Programs, another condition of the application process is that you must have demonstrated on-the-job work experience to the total of at least 400 hours. This can be paid or non-paid.

3. English Language Requirements

Before applying for Job Ready Programs, you must also demonstrate that you have the minimum language skills for the occupation, level and geographic area that you are applying to.

4. Nominate the correct occupation that fits your skills and qualification

Before applying for Job Ready Programs, you need to ensure your job description matches with the mentioned work specification on the Australia & New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

5. Post-Study Work Experience

Having one year of post-study work experience with an Australian company will be an added advantage for you when applying for permanent residency in Australia.

List of Trade Courses Offered by Intech

At Intech, we offer a variety of trade courses to all international students who want to obtain a pathway to permanent residence in Australia. This must include:

  • successful completion of study
  • successful completion of work experience
  • selecting the correct course of study
  • having the required English Language Requirements
  • securing full time work
  • having the required points score
  • satisfying any other requirements needed of them by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Engineering Courses

Engineering students from certain trades are eligible to apply for a job ready program once they complete two years of studying in a skills shortage course. These courses include Welders, Metal Fabricators, Sheetmetal Trade Worker, Boilermaker, Fitter and Turner, Fitter-Welder.

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Automotive Courses

International students who want to continue working in the automotive industry in Australia must complete Certificate III and Certificate IV courses in Automotive such as Automotive Electrical or Automotive Light Vehicle or Automotive Heavy Vehicle, Automotive Body Repair (Panel Beater), to be eligible to apply for a job ready program.

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