Why Choose Automotive Engineering Courses in Sydney

A Guide To Kickstart Your Automotive Career

Are you looking for a career change, or perhaps wondering what to do when you leave school? The automotive industry can be a highly rewarding industry, with plenty of different paths to take, from a car mechanic or heavy diesel mechanic to owning your own business.

A field is driven by technology and often one of the first to see technological changes, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider an automotive career.

Why Choose Automotive Engineering Courses in Sydney

Do you have a passion for motor vehicles? A job in the automotive industry may be just what you’re looking for. With competitive salaries across the country as well as the versatility to end up working anywhere from your local area to the remotest of mine sites, the automotive industry in Australia needs well-skilled job-ready workers. Let’s look at some of the most popular roles within this industry.

Panel Beater

A panel beater is responsible for repairing damage to the body structure of vehicles, so this role is perfect for those who are interested in the repair and restoration side, with a strong attention to detail being a key strength. If you already work in repairing and maintaining vehicles, a Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology can boost your career.

Heavy Diesel Mechanic

Highly skilled in maintenance, repairs and servicing of trucks and buses to complete rebuilds, the role of a heavy diesel mechanic,withday-to-day tasks taking on detecting and diagnosing faults, repairing and replacing worn and defective parts and assembling engines back together after repair.

Highly skills in maintenance, repairs and servicing of trucks and buses to complete rebuilds, the role of a heavy diesel mechanic is varied with day-to-day tasks of running and analysing diagnostics faults, repairing or replacing worn and defective parts and carrying out engine rebuilds after repair.

The Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology can get you started, and this career is perfect for those who want to consider working on heavy vehicles and machinery.

Automotive Electrician

Do you love working with electrical components? With a Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology, you can get started in your career as an automotive electrician. This role in the industry sees you installing, maintaining and repairing the circuits and wiring as well as the electrical components in vehicles.

You could be locating electrical faults one day and removing and reconnecting electrical parts the next. 

Benefits of Undertaking an Automotive Course in Australia

With so many career opportunities available, automotive courses in Sydney can take you across the world. From working in car dealerships through to truck depots, this is an industry with plenty of variety, so you’ll never lose interest.

One of the biggest benefits of doing an automotive course with Intech is that you are job-ready as soon as you finish your course. You’ll get the benefit of learning both the technical knowledge and the hands-on knowledge, so you’re an asset to any business straight away.

With technology changing rapidly, the ability to upskill or cross-skill is easy, with courses readily available. This means that when new technology hits the industry, your skills and knowledge are in high demand.

The automotive industry is an excellent choice with steady hours, long-term job prospects and the ability to see tangible results from your work.

Automotive Courses In Sydney

Intech offers a wide range of automotive engineering courses in Sydney, with the ability to undertake a course that will expand your skills.

Whether you’re looking to upskill, change careers or find your career after leaving school, an automotive course in Australia at Intech can get you started on the rest of your life.