Do I really need an Education Agent?

We are often face with this dilemma between choosing educational agents or applying directly. Studying overseas is one of the most expensive and important decisions students have to make. Should I apply online directly or would it be easier to apply through an educational agent?

In this 21st century digital age, a vast amount of credible information is available on the web though websites, forums, blogs, etc that can be accessed over multitude of devices available,  for students considering to study overseas.  This makes it easier for students to apply directly to an overseas  course of their choice.

Student recruiters or educational agents act as “educational counselors” supporting intending students to make decisions about their overseas educational needs and requirements based on their passions and future goals.

Applying through an educational agent

  • Firstly and most importantly, If English is not your first language and you are applying to an English-speaking country, it is advisable to use the services of an educational consultant in your home country.
  • Educational agents often have in-depth information and expertise about the Australian educational system, study destination, career pathways and training institutions even the ones you haven’t heard about. This wealth of knowledge may add value to your application thereby increasing the chances of you getting accepted in your choice of study. Additionally, they are in constant contact with the admission team.
  • A good educational agent will suggest a course that matches the student’s interests and passions and enroll them in suitable institutions.
  • Educational agents are up-to-date with visa regulations applicable to students including other administrative requirements, This is a major plus point helping your through the application process.
  • There are chances that you may meet with other students who have applied to the same institution
  • Student pay no additional fees for using services of educational agents, the educational provider pays the agent a commission on each successful enrolment.

Applying directly:

  • Most educational institutions training centers have an online application system and the application process is relatively easy and straightforward. You may end up saving some money that you could allocate to other expenses instead of spending it on the services of an educational agent.
  • Since you’ve invested valuable time and effort into research your study destination thoroughly, you would have chosen the BEST study for you.
  • As scary as applying for visa sounds, it isn’t! With credible information available on the government sites and carefully following the instructions given, this would be easy-peasy.

The choice is yours to make! If you feel that applying through an educational agent is the best route for you, then make sure you choose the best following the guidelines we have listed previously. And if you have decided to apply directly and you are confident that you’ve done adequate research, then GO AHEAD.

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