Campus and Directions

At Intech, we believe seeing is believing hence we invite you to scout out our campus, feel the amazing energy around campus as our students work towards achieving their dreams and most importantly answer all of your questions!

Not familiar with the area? Not a problem. Here are some helpful links to plan your visit via public transport routes to Intech Institute

Getting to Intech Institute by train, ferry and bus

The main campus  is designed around student needs and is conveniently located in one of the most sought-after areas in Brisbane, adjacent to Suncorp stadium and close to a blend of business, residential and retail spaces-ensuring that everything you need is close by.

Our campus is close to Brisbane city which is well served by public transport. With limited parking spots on campus and around, we encourage students to use public transport or cycle in. Travelling by buses and trains will often be cheaper than other options.

Travelling with a Go Card

A go card is a smart card, much like a credit card, that allows you to travel on all TransLink bus, ferry, train and tram services to your campus and to other major attractions around Brisbane. As a full-time student, you are eligible for concession fares on TransLink public transport services, which is 50% cheaper than adult fares. This keeps your travel expenses down while you explore and experience Brisbane at ease.

Remember to carry your current student ID and Go Card at all times. If you travel on concession fares without your approved ID, you could be fined $252.

To begin commuting, you must buy go card either online or at any 7 eleven stores or selected retailers near you, note that there is a refundable deposit of $10 for your card.

How to use a Go Card

You are required to touch on at the origin of your trip and touch off at the end of your trip on the flat circle of the reader. Students with a concession card, will hear a double beep and orange light, when touched on and off correctly. You do not have to touch on and off if you are transferring between trains at the same station.

Please note: if you swipe or wave your card in front of the card reader or leave it in your purse or wallet, your transaction may not be successful.

Tips to SAVE with your go card:

  • A go card is at least 30% cheaper than a single one-way paper ticket.
  • Make 8 paid go card journeys in a week (Monday to Sunday) and receive 50% off any extra journeys you make that week, regardless of the zones traveled. Schedule longer trips for later in the week, and add 8 shorter journeys early in the week!
  • A further 20% off-peak discount applies between 8.30am - 3.30pm, and after 7pm on weekdays and all day weekends and on public holidays.
  • Complete your journey within six hours
  • Travel to some events if FREE with your event ticket.
  • Register your card onlineto protect your balance if your card gets lost or stolen; it also allows you to check your history
  • Get on the ferry and explore Brisbane City (I personally recommend a night trip) with the CityHopper (FREE), CityCat services.

Campus and Directions

Parking at the Campus:

Intech Institute makes sure you have a hassle-free parking. When visiting the campus, you can get short term parking for 2-3  hours. Parking permits are available on first come, first service basis. There are a lot of on street parking available, check  Brisbane City Council  to avoid getting a ticket.

Time Zones

Please note that we fall under the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). If you are based in a different time zone, please do make sure to convert your chosen time.  Time Zone Converter

Main Campus

21 Parkview Street, Milton QLD 4064


 Call: (+61 7) 3369 7441/047778909

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Visit our Automotive workshop at

21 Parkview Street, Milton QLD 4064


Call: (+61 7) 3369 7441/047778909

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30PM

Get driving directions with Google Maps

MUST visit places in Queensland

Queensland is the most popular holiday destination for both domestic and overseas visitors. You can relax at incredible subtropical beaches, stroll along the river, explore the stunning islands, drive through the scorched-brown landscape, visit lush rainforest, explore the outback. We’ll its certain that there is ALWAYS something or something to discover in Queensland. We’ve put a list (in no particular order) of popular attractions throughout Queensland, you shouldn’t miss!