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InTech is one of Australia - Queensland's leading providers of vocational education and training. Established in 1999, InTech provides real "hands-on" trade as well as other vocational courses. InTech offer a range of flexible study options for students. Should you require further help please do not hesitate to contact InTech.

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most Popular combination courses
Automotive Mechanical

Certificate 3,4 (Mechanical Light Vehicle) and Diploma Automotive Technology.

University Pathway IT

Diploma and Advanced Diploma of IT

University Pathway Business

Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Business.


Certificate 3 Engineering (Fabrication Trade) and Diploma Business Management


Certificate 4 Business, Diploma Business and Commerce Studies and Advanced Diploma Mangement

Information Technology

Certificate 4 Web-Based Technologies, Diploma Information Technology (General) and Advanced Diploma Computer Systems Technology

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Enjoy the benefits of great education and training! Improve your job prospects and chances for promotion! Achieve your goals with our dynamic education and trade courses! Get to where you want to with InTech multiple pathways, great study atmosphere, high quality training, low fee structure, city location and approved courses.

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